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Beyond Rewards

How do I sign up?
The customer can sign up by entering name, valid email address and phone number. The email address will be verified through an email OTP feature.

How long my membership is valid for?
Your membership will be valid for one year from the date of activation. This way you always get 1 year regardless of when you start.

Will this app have access to my bank account?
No, this app is separate from your bank account. Beyond Rewards is an offers app providing you with complimentary access to BUY 1 GET 1 and Flat Discounts offers across multiple segments.

Phone requirements
For Android all phones running OS version 5.0 and up is supported.
For Apple or iOS devices all phones from iPhone 6 is supported.

What happens if I don’t sign up within 6 months? How can I get my membership number?
All memberships must be activated within 6 months from the date the membership code was generated, failing which the membership number will be expired and cannot be reused.

Are there any fees?
For new customers, the first year subscription to Beyond Rewards is complimentary.
If you wish to renew your subscription for the next year, you can simply email or chat with support for preferred membership pricing and benefits.

My app is not starting up, whom do I talk to?
If you wish to report an issue with the app, please email

What should I do if I’ve lost my phone? / I’ve changed my phone/device.

Login with your new phone and make sure to enter the correct email address as used previously on the old device.

How can I update my mobile number or email address?
You can send us an email at or click need help in the app to confirm your request through chat.

It says my email address/mobile number is already registered. Why?
All registrations are controlled through an email OTP verification function. If the OTP is correct, the customer will be logged in.

Can I use my Beyond Rewards app on multiple devices?
Memberships can be activated only on 1 device at any given time.

I like this app and offers, can I continue using it?
If you wish to continue, email, or chat with support by clicking need help in the app for preferred membership pricing and benefits.

I’ve got feedback about services provided, who do I talk to?
If you wish to contact Beyond Rewards, send an email to or chat with support by clicking need help in the app.

What should I do if I suspect any unauthorized transactions on my card through this app?
Please inform support or contact the bank directly.

How secure is the Beyond Rewards app and what safety measures are being used?
Beyond Rewards uses best practices to safeguard customers, here are a few:
- SSL is used to encrypt all communication passed on the app.
- uses a PCI-compliant payment gateway to make all in-app purchases and sensitive payment information is not stored by Beyond Rewards.

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