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Top 5 Hidden Gems at Taste of Dubai 2019

We just got done with Taste of Dubai - the biggest food festival of the year. A big thanks to everyone who visited our stall and made the event most memorable to us all.

Check out the video to see what we were up to at Taste of Dubai.

We took a little time out of our busy schedule at the event to talk to other stalls to bring you some interesting stories of "our findings" at Taste of Dubai.

1) GLOW Ice Cream

For the past 15 years, Glow have been one of the leading producers of premium ice cream in the region for corporate companies and customers. They create organic ice creams with no artificial flavoring or preservatives.

Glow are now taking their vast experience in creating over 1000 recipes, and giving customers a chance to experience a little of the ice cream magic they create every day.

We tried the cinnamon cookies ice-cream and absolutely loved the refreshing taste.


2) The Blacksmith Smoke House

We stopped over at Blacksmith's for lunch and met the Pitmaster himself Chef Orelle Young, smoking it up at Taste of Dubai.

A renowned Chef from the United States who later moved to London where he managed, operated and trained multiple venues. In Chef Orelle's words, "I am here in Dubai to celebrate a mashup of my favorite rubs, smoked meats, sides, trimmings, and desserts. Yes, even my wife’s peach cobbler is on the menu."

The Blacksmith Smokehouse is the real deal, a custom-built smoker is fired-up and begins flavoring succulent cuts of meat long before sunrise, because a real authentic southern smoked taste takes at least 12 hours.

Blacksmith’s ‘No BS’ approach to serving smokehouse classics will have you coming back for more deliciously over-sized portions, because size does matter!

We are definitely going back for more, you can visit their restaurant in operation now at Wyndham Dubai Marina, Al Seba StreetDubai, UAE.


3) SUP - Specialists in hangover prevention

SUP is an great new hangover prevention and cure.

We had word with Bastien Gerber, who gave us a run-down on what ingredients SUP uses to help you prevent a hangover.

SUP is a propriety blend which combines fourteen Chinese herbal extracts and roots such as Ginger, Peppermint, Turmeric, Ginseng and many more, all combined in a fast-acting formula that has been clinically proven to promote liver health and general body detoxification. It also provides nourishing vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts to replenish your nutrient level and stimulate your mind.

We can't wait to try it out on our next night out - just remember to have a glass of SUP and water before you hit the sack.


4) Ben's Cookies

Ben's cookies looked like the go to place to satisfy your sweet tooth with their delicious choice of premium cookies.

They use chunks (not chips) of delicious Belgian chocolate, unsalted butter, wheat flour, cane sugar and fresh eggs from chickens who are treated well.

They make the cookie dough in their kitchen just outside Oxford. Then each store bakes it into satisfyingly chunky cookies all through the day.

From White Chocolate Chunk, Triple Chocolate Cookies to Peanut Butter Cookies. They got it all.


5) Flint & Flame

Definitely the best demo we have seen at Taste of Dubai was by the very charismatic Gary Bates.

Over recent years, Flint & Flame have become a major player in the UK, USA and UAE kitchenware scene with their outstanding range of knives.

Their luxurious knife range combines exceptional quality, performance and value.

Made from the highest quality German carbon steel, and celebrated by top chefs and passionate home cooks alike, Flint & Flame knives make a fantastic addition to any kitchen.

To know more and how you can get your own professional knife: Click Here


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