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Countdown till the new school year

To our wonderful audience and parents, this is the blog that will save your school supply run. The start of the school year for your kids is closer than you think, that daunting reality of preparing the list of places you must go for shopping for books, bags, clothes, shoes, and stationery, becomes more real each passing day till the beginning of the new school year. That’s when the panic kicks in, you’re mind-straining and stressed at finding the best places to get the best school supplies at the best prices because you want your kid to get the best start for the new school year. But fear not because we at TravellerPass are here to the rescue with our top three best offers that are perfect for your last-minute school supply run.

Offer: 10% OFF on the total Bill

Location: Online

Our first offer introduces us to a well-known online shopping platform in the baby and infant retail industry. A place that is a big store for the little ones, having everything and anything for infants and kids. A haven for new parents and parents with young children looking to give their best and most high-quality clothes, toys, and more. This place is known as Known as Asia's Favorite shopping platform for kids and babies, Firstcry is all about selling to you the best and biggest brands the baby and infant industry has to offer. With over 200,000 products from over 6,000 brands, talk about one giant catalog tall parents need to look into. For the new parents new to the whole parenting chapter of their lives, firstcry has introduced a platform called firstcry Here over 92 million parents worldwide engage and explore more into the topic of parenting through articles, sharing memories, tracking their baby's growth & vaccination dates, and more. This is one platform that all parents shouldn’t miss out on.

So join us and check out the ultimate for all your kid's needs. Toys R Us

Offer: 10% OFF on the total bill

Location: Online

Our next offer brings us to one of the most iconic toy brands in the world today. A home for both the young and young at heart. A place where kids can make their wildest and most imaginative dreams come true. Introducing the toy heaven of Dubai, Toys R Us. This iconic American toy, clothing, and baby product retailer, ever since its launch in Dubai in 1995, has been a preferred and sought-after destination for toys, essentials, and educational products for babies and children. With more than 21 stores across the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, and Qatar for kids to come to play in and enjoy, it’s the giant gift that keeps on giving and brings out the inner child in all of us in some way or another. They have everything from the latest action toys, dolls, and books to a curated selection of movie and comic collectibles and character costumes. Even the little ones aren’t left out because Toys R Us has a special section called Babies “R” Us. Here they offer a wide selection of products for newborns and infants, from educational and developmental toys that will have them learning, discovering, and building skills, all through play. This is the perfect place for all kids to get in on all the action and lived out their ultimate dream.

So join us and bring your kids to the place that has everything to make your kid’s dream come true. Farook International Stationery

Offer: 15% OFF on the total bill

Location: 9 Locations

For our final offer, we have come to an iconic stationery institution in the U.A.E, a place pushing the envelope by providing worldwide acclaimed high-quality stationery to its shoppers. An iconic hotspot for all things stationery that has ruled the stationary market since 1980. Say hello to Farook International Stationery. This iconic name in the stationary has come from the ground up to become the leading stationer’s brand in U.A.E. with strong 3 factories, plus 11 showrooms in U.A.E. and one in Oman. They manufacture a wide range of top-notch, high-quality products, from office Stationery, School Stationery, Diaries, and Envelopes. This is a place to sharpen and up your stationary game.

So join us and give yourself and your kids the ultimate stationery upgrade. On that note, we have come to the end of another blog. But just like these offers, other amazing offers are waiting for you on the TravellerPass App. So don’t forget to download the app by clicking on the link: -(here) and enjoy last-minute back-to-school shopping, the TravellerPass way.

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