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Are you not entertained?

In this episode of the wizard of offers, we are focused on taking your entertainment experience to the next level. Ever struggled to figure out your weekend plans? Realize that you may be living that “nothing much, don’t know what to do” lifestyle? Sit back and relax as the streak of boredom and confusion comes to an end. For tonight’s entertainment, TravellerPass introduces its top three fun, exciting and entertaining offers that turn those long boring weekends into eventful, memorable, and entertaining ones. So, make way for real entertainment. Reel Cinemas Offer: 25% OFF the total bill

Locations: 5 Locations

When you go to a cinema, you’re not just going to watch a movie, you’re going to witness something unbelievable. You’re immersed in a journey of experiences and wonders that can’t be lived but only imagined. They Inspire, frighten, educate, make us laugh, cry, fall in love, and change the way we see and imagine our world. Now, what if I told you there was a place that takes this emotional, imaginative, and transcending journey to the next level. Yes, that place is reel cinemas. Being one of the most popular cinemas in the UAE, reel cinemas is your dream machine that makes your dreams come to life. With magnificent screens, the most captivating sound systems in dolby, comfy seats, and other experiences ranging from platinum suites to dine-in cinema – living out your ideal cinema experience is now possible.

So next time you think of watching a movie in a cinema, Reel Cinemas is the place to go to experience movies personified to a level that only you can dream of.

Picasso Artists Offer: 2 FOR 1 on 60x50 cm canvas

Location: 2 Locations

Want to switch things up? Let's take a trip to the world of art to paint in the presence of greatness at the Picasso Artists art studio. Named after the legendary painter himself, this creative home for art enthusiasts is the perfect place to bring out that inner Picasso. With different classes ranging from plexiglass pouring, premium finish to acrylic pouring, premium canvas for artists of all ages, there is a world of endless possibilities just a brush stroke away.

So come live out this immersive and exciting art experience and express yourself the Picasso way.

The Alley

Offer: 25% OFF on the total bill

Location: Al Quoz

During the summer, the people of the UAE are out and about, especially playing as many sporting activities as possible. But then those hot UAE summers become unbearably hot for anyone to play any sports. That’s where the Alley comes in. Located in Al Quoz, this sports haven with a nice air-conditioned environment is home for all sports players to have fun and enjoy playing sports without searing themselves in that UAE heat. They have created a persona that playing sports has never been more exciting and cooler. With different sports ranging from basketball to football to playing padel in the first glow in the dark padel facility in Dubai, this is the place for sports fans to come and be a part of the excitement and vibes.

So, get your game face on and make way to the Alley to live a sports experience like nowhere else.

With this, we have come to the end of another blog. But just like these offers, there are other amazing offers filled with entertaining experiences waiting for you on the TravellerPass App. So don’t forget to download the app by clicking on the link: -(here) and experience a world where entertainment never stops.


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