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The magical culinary tale of authentic Indian cuisine

Another day, another blog about an iconic cuisine taking the culinary world by storm. There is no doubt about where Indian Cuisine stands in terms of being an exciting and spellbinding cuisine. From crazy curries to kebabs to unbelievable naans and so much more, they have been the epitome of flavour and richness that has helped to cement themselves as an icon. Even in Dubai, Indian cuisine is the main headliner in the food scene for being flavourful, a spell-binding experience, or loads of deliciousness. Dubai is home to many top-class Indian restaurants offering the same level of flavour, expectancy, and more to create the ultimate Indian food experience. But the thing is, we can’t be in all places at the same time. But we at TravellerPass may have a solution. So, here are our top three recommendations for places to enjoy the best of the Indian food world. Ashiana

Offer: 2 FOR 1 on the main course

Location: Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel & Towers

First up is an award-winning restaurant that has grown along with the city of Dubai. An Indian paradise, for the past 30 years, that has been serving traditional Awadhi soul food that is not only flavourful but too good to be true. A restaurant that honors its traditional recipe and pays its respect to its roots by using the finest ingredients money can buy to create dishes that each tell a unique story. Introducing, the first Indian restaurant to ever set foot into Dubai, Ashiana. Talking about authenticity while staying true to its home turf, Ashiana has redefined the meaning and feeling of that authentic Indian food dining experience. With a stellar atmosphere, complimented by mouth-watering, depthful, and tasteful cuisines like Lucknowi Galouti Kebabs, Tangdi Kebabs, Bharwan Seekh Kebabs, and more, it's almost like your Indian home away from home.

Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor

Offer: 2 FOR 1 on the main course Location: The Canvas Hotel Dubai – MGallery by Sofitel

Most restaurants in Dubai belong to some of the finest culinary legends of the food world, and it appears India has one of its most celebrated MasterChef's in this very prestigious group. Indian culinary Legend, Sanjeev Kapoor, has gifted the residents of UAE with the art of Michelin-star-style Indian cooking by opening his restaurant right here at the Canvas hotel known as Signature. Featuring monochromatic images of Sanskrit steles and Taj Mahal snapshots, their Flagstone floors and timber walls all come together to create an Indian world within worlds. Here, artfully presented dishes showcase iconic ingredients in ingenious new ways. Discover how the master chefs create flavors of signature dishes that transport you to India and pair them with fashionable, tantalizing cocktails like a passion fruit panna or a reinvented kokum masacola, or a delicious icy passion fruit. It almost gives the feeling that you're tasting India throughout the entire dining experience. Ushna

Offer: 25% OFF on the total bill

Location: 2 Locations

Sometimes we love when food gives that warm, comforting feeling that is perfect for feeding that inner foodie. That’s why the next place we're going to talk about literally embodies warmth in its soul. They provide the ultimate combo of a fantastic homely atmosphere and delicious, rich-in-flavor cuisine to create something that is almost a thing of beauty. Say hello to the internationally and locally renowned Indian food establishment, Ushna. Established in 2005, this award-winning Indian restaurant is a homegrown concept located in the heart of Madinat Jumeirah. By delivering an authentic taste of Indian cuisine, the restaurant has gained popularity among local and international audiences. Inspired by centuries-old recipes, their chefs have redefined and modernized conventional Indian dishes using their culinary expertise, adding modern flavor and texture to Indian cooking, making it truly unforgettable.

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