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Have a sip of this

Looking at the title of this blog, you probably have some idea what this is about. But trust us, after reading this, you will be having more than just a sip of this. Just imagine, you’re on a night out in the city with friends, and you plan on hitting one of the many bars in Dubai. But each bar has its own special qualities, drinks, and vibes to offer, making us ask that ever-so-important question, "Where do I go for amazing drinks and vibes? " That’s when you whip out the TravellerPass, and head over to the bars section where we have a wide variety of offers at some of the top bars in the city. In fact, we'll even do you one better and suggest you our top three bar offers that are so good, they are all perfect for quenching your thirst.

Bombay Borough

Offer: 20% OFF on total bill

Location: DIFC

Our first Bar offer brings us to Dubai international financial center, to a bar inspired by a fusion of the modern French and British-era old bungalows of India while being Indian at its core and the epitome of modern India today and tomorrow. A place where the old and new India fuse to create a gastronomical and flavourful journey of India. Introducing, Bombay borough. Located over two floors, this is a place for discovering all your moods and moments. Whether it's drinks after work, meals with loved ones, or afternoon chai with friends, this is the perfect place to rediscover India through an explosion of flavors. Whether you want to dine at Al Fresco out in the open air, sample the indoor comfort of their bar, or even opt for private dining – Bombay Borough is a space with options to suit everyone and inspirations from around India. The drink service is divided into two zones, with the 1st floor serving alcohol and bar drinks, with the ground floor and lower floor serving our selection of non-alcoholic and other specialty drinks. Talk about the perfect starting point for exploring India in a flavourful way. The Underdogs

Offer: 2 FOR 1 on a complimentary beverage

Location: The Canvas Hotel Dubai - Mgallery Hotel Collection

For our next bar offer, we head to the sports bar side of the bar industry, where one bar is quickly establishing its name as a true underdog in the bar industry. A home for all sports fans to enjoy sports matches. A sports fans' paradise where the vibes are so exciting you will find it hard to let go. Welcome to the Underdogs experience. Located in the Canvas Hotel Dubai, The Underdogs bar is a hotspot for all crazy sports fans to come together and share their love for sports while enjoying live matches in the most fun and exciting fashion. To add to its welcoming and stylish interior, it has a delicious, flavourful, and enticing international cuisine. They also have an elaborate bar menu and an extensive wine collection to keep you company while your favorite matches live at the lounge. Talk about the ultimate sporting destination for all sports fans to feel at home. La Vue

Offer: 20% OFF on the total bill

Location: Pullman Dubai Jumeirah Lakes Towers

On the topic of sports bars, our final bar offer brings to a bar that is making a return with a whole new look and concept. It is already making waves in the sports bar scene and is looking to be your favorite Sports Lounge. Say hello to the all-new and improved La Vue. Catch the mesmerizing sunset at La Vue over the Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) along with the skyline al fresco in an open-space stunningly decorated venue. While soaking in the sights and vibes, enjoy the som all-out amazing sporting action that La Vue. Also, dive into their rich and wide variety of hubbly bubbly and an exquisite assortment of light bites served along a wide selection of cocktails and mocktails. Along with sports, they also have a live music session that amplifies the vibes at this al fresco space and is 100% the best way to end the day. On that note, we have come to the end of another blog. But just like these offers, other amazing offers are waiting for you on the TravellerPass App. So don’t forget to download the app by clicking on the link: -(here) and hopefully you'll not feel thirsty after this one.


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