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Me, Myself and I

In this hectic and fast-paced moving world that we live in, life moves on so fast that sometimes you tend to lose track of what is happening around us. You become so focused on your social and work life that personal wellness becomes a mere afterthought. But what if you stopped for one second and asked yourself what can you do for your own wellness? We at TravellerPass have the answer to that question. Today, in this TravellerPass wellness blog, we are showcasing our top 3 offers that are perfect for your wellness journey.

So sit back, relax and unwind as the perfect wellness treatment you deserve is finally here.

Atelier Hommage

Offer: 20% OFF on the total Bill

Location: 2 Locations

For most men, getting a haircut or a shave is just a simple grooming habit to look good and feel good. What if we told you that there is a place that gives a grooming experience with a touch of luxury and elegance? Well gentlemen, introducing your new home of luxury grooming, Atelier Hommage. Located at DIFC, Atelier Hommage is the original UK blend of vintage and contemporary men's grooming design. They provide top-quality grooming services, including men's haircuts, shaves, beard sculpturing design, hair coloring, manicure/pedicure services, and the best selection of Eastern massages. Talk about getting a haircut that makes you feel like a million bucks as well.

So next time you are looking for a place to get a haircut or shave, Atelier Hommage is the place for you. Sisters Beauty Lounge

Offer: 20% OFF on the total bill

Location: 8 Locations

For the ladies, we have just the place for you. We are talking about a salon that has been creating a revolutionary beauty concept that would appeal to the thinking woman. One that has been a pioneer and has changed the face of the beauty industry in the UAE since 2003. We are talking about the Sisters Beauty Lounge. This 2021 Award-winning Salon of the Year has a variety of services and products and over 200 professionally trained salon professionals performing services ranging from hair services to waxing. Talk about living out your makeover dream from the princess diaries movie.

So, Ladies, want a place that makes you feel like a queen, Sisters Beauty Lounge is that place. Juice Spa & Salon

Offer: 20% OFF on the total bill

Location: 8 Locations

When we talk about pioneers in the beauty industry of the UAE, we look at award-winning beauty experiences. That's what Juice Spa & Salon is all about. Since 2005, Juice Spa & Salon has established itself as a leader in the beauty industry by providing a sleek and chic environment for its loyal customers. They have delivered delightful experiences and luscious looks to their customer with the help of their team of professional and talented stylists trained in the latest hair, nail, and beauty trends. This is a place guaranteed to make you feel like a supermodel.

So want to live that 21st-century beauty experience, Juice Spa & Salon is the place to be

On that note, we have come to the end of another blog. But just like these offers, other amazing offers are waiting for you on the TravellerPass App. So don’t forget to download the app by clicking on the link: -(here) and make wellness your number one priority.


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