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Save room for dessert.

To all our dessert fans, this blog is the perfect dessert for you. Desserts are the best part of every lunch and dinner. Having desserts at the end of a meal is like the happy ending to a fairytale. They are the comfort food language of the entire. When you see dessert, that inner child immediately jumps out to fill the childish satisfaction of having a sugary treat. Nowadays, we see all kinds of different desserts, and it's hard to choose which one to try. Even if we look at the UAE, there are so many places that offer different varieties of desserts & sweet treats that even make Willy Wonka jealous. But it is hard to decide what dessert you'd like to eat from the great variety of dessert locations the UAE offers. But there is no need to get salty when you got TravellerPass Dessert Confectionary. Here we offer the best offers for the top dessert locations with deserts that money can buy. And we're serving you our best three offer's for desserts that are sure to give you a sugartastic experience.

So join us and live out that ideal desert experience one slice at a time. Crepe & Go

Offer: 2 FOR 1 on the main course

Location: Mercato Mall

Our first dessert stop brings us to a café that takes a French delicacy to levels that are so flavorful and delicious that your sweet tooth will be ever grateful to you. A place where all crepe lovers come to enjoy a crepe the way they like to eat one. This haven that crepe lovers call home is called Crepe & Go. Located at Mercato Mall, Crepe and Go is your home for the perfectly crafted and flavored crepe. This cozy place is ready to serve you a unique taste of homemade crepe with a touch of your desired choice of chocolate, fruit, and other mix and match items. To add to the specialness of creating a world-class crepe, they even have a friendly kiosk to make your taste buds feel special. Then, as the icing on the crepe, they have a wide selection of drinks and a delicious and rich coffee made from their own Arabica coffee beans to deliver a rich taste needed to kickstart your perfect day.

So join us and enjoy a beautifully crafted crepe with a nice hot cup of coffee that will last a lifetime. Caramalize

Offer: 30% OFF on the total bill

Location: Al Satwa

Our next dessert spot brings us to a place where there is something for everyone. A home to desserts so perfect their the perfect cure for all your dessert cravings. This medicine is called Caramalize. Located in Al Satwa, Caramalize is home to the most delicious baked desserts you only hear about in story books. With a variety of sweet treats and sugary delights led by the star of their show which is their rich, moist, and flavorful brownies all having classic, gluten-free and vegan options, this is a sugar world that you can't miss out on

So join us and experience what a delicious and decadent dessert tastes like. Molten Me

Offer: 20% OFF on weekdays and minimum spend of 100AED on weekends only

Location: 2 Locations

Our final dessert spot brings us to a cake spot that oozes sweet goodness. A dessert haven for some of the best lava cakes the UAE has in store. This place is called Molten Me. Located at the Wasl Vista Mall and Khalifa Park Area, Molten Me is a bucket-list location for all those chocolate lovers. Molten Me offers a modern and exciting new twist with flavors. Enjoy small, decadent cakes filled with oozing chocolate lava that is hard to resist. In addition to those delicious molten lava cakes, they also make fresh cakes every day, ranging from white chocolate to peanut butter, all packaged in jars built for takeaway that make them easy to transport and enjoy your dessert on the go.

So join us and devour a delicious, gooey, warm lava cake like nowhere else. On that note, we have come to the end of another blog. But just like these offers, other amazing offers are waiting for you on the TravellerPass App. So don’t forget to download the app by clicking on the link: -(here) and enjoy desserts in the most delicious way possible, the TravellerPass way.


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