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Time to head to The Dubai Mall

The UAE is known for its many record-breaking achievements, one of the most well-known being the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. But next to the Burj Khalifa sits another record which is the largest shopping complex in the UAE, the Dubai Mall. Talk about a shopping experience like no other. This iconic shopping destination has more than 1200 retail stores, two anchor stores in Galerie Lafayette and Bloomingdales, and over 2000 international dining experiences. They also have a wide range of attractions and entertainment for families to experience, such as the Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo, KidZania, reel cinemas, and a whole list of experiences that almost make it hard for you to leave. This is a world of experiences and unforgettable fun, making it the perfect place to create memorable moments. That’s what’s enticing and problematic about a place like the Dubai Mall. It’s hard to figure out where to go shopping, to experience and be entertained because experiences at the Dubai Mall are endless. That’s why we at TravellerPass are the perfect tour guide for your trip to the Dubai Mall. On that note, in this blog, we will be shining our light on our top three suggestions that are a must-visit for at the Dubai Mall.

So join us and live out some unforgettable experiences one step at a time.


Offer: 2 FOR 1 on tickets

Location: The Dubai Mall

Our First suggestion is a bone-chilling and terrifying experience that will give you nightmares so dark that it’s almost scary to even think about them. A place where people’s worst fears and nightmares come to life in ways you have never imagined. Welcome, to the ultimate house of horrors, Hysteria. This extreme fear experience is not for the faint of heart. Hysteria is the first haunted attraction in the region to take its guests on a journey into a dark and petrifying experience that consists of nightmares and terrifying scares every hesitating step of your ghoulish journey. For those brave enough to walk through the doors of Hysteria, you will find yourself in a haunted mansion with 15 dimly lit rooms and dark corridors, each with its own scary element. To add to the fear factor, they have an almost realistic and spooky set design, a scary ambiance, and fear-inducing characters sure to scare the pants right off you.

So, join us and be Prepared to scream because this experience is terrifying on levels that will leave you sleepless. Gloria Jeans

Offer: 25% OFF on the total bill

Location: 11 Locations

Our next suggestion is a bit of a hot and feel-good experience that takes your whole meaning of enjoying coffee to another level, a place that has redefined the face of coffee with its unique touch. That brand is known as Gloria Jeans Coffee. Talk about having a great start to your day the right way. This Australian Globally owned coffee company has bought their world-renowned coffee to the Dubai mall for people to experience the true meaning of having a great cup of coffee, ensuring they make the best bean-to-cup brew. So enjoy a variety of various styles of coffee, hot and cold beverages, and delicious cakes and delectable delights that make a pairing for a perfect coffee experience.

So, join us and take a sip of what authentic and freshly brewed coffee tastes like

Gelato Divino

Offer: 2 FOR 1 on an ice cream cone or cup

Location: 39 Locations

Talk about a sweet ending because our next suggestion consists of an iconic and healthy dessert that has changed the face of ice cream for years. A place that given its own unique take on an Italian dessert has given us an all-new spellbinding and fancier way of experiencing and tasting ice cream. Time to taste a scoop of Gelato Divino. This popular gelato destination is a trailblazer in the ice cream industry and is changing how people taste and see this legendary Italian dessert. Gelato Divino offers gelato ice cream that is low in sugar and butterfat and is made with very little air, making it a more delicious and healthier choice of ice cream. Their specialized chefs can create over 150 different flavors of Gelato with anything and everything, some examples including special ones like Ginger, Lemongrass, or Parmesan Cheese, making it very difficult to decide what you want to try first because they are so good.

So join us and let us all scream for Gelato.

On that note, we have come to the end of another blog. But just like these offers, other amazing offers are waiting for you on the TravellerPass App. So don’t forget to download the app by clicking on the link: -(here) and experience the Dubai Mall, the TravellerPass way.


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