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Time to try something new

Sometimes life is all about new experiences. Whether traveling to a new country, trying a spa treatment, or even buying a new car, we always look to expand our horizons and try new things for the sake of experiencing everything and anything. But the most exciting of them all is trying out new cuisines. With Dubai being such a diverse country, they have loads of different cuisines to choose from to tantalize those hungry taste buds. But still, people go for the good old fast-food joints and regular spots they have eaten at for years. We at TravellerPass hope to change that, by taking you on a journey across three of the many new restaurants we have in store to give you a culinary experience like no other. So, let's expand those taste buds together.

Mighty Quinn's Barbeque

Offer: 20% OFF on the total bill

Location: Jumeirah Beach Residence

The first stop on this journey takes us to a restaurant that takes Southern Style Barbeque to another level, with barbecue techniques that combine to create something so unique it'll leave you begging for more. Here, old-school and new-school barbecuing techniques combine to produce flavourful and divine cuts of meat, chicken, and more. Let us introduce you to Mighty Quinn's Barbeque. Born in the heart of New York City, Mighty Quinn’s has made a name for itself in the BBQ Industry. They have bought their iconic and trademark southern style Barbequing techniques to the middle east to educate people on the authentic old-school Southern style of Barbequing while giving its customer mouth-watering and flavourful Barbeque. Known, for serving up some of the best BBQs around, including brisket, lamb shoulder, and their legendary BBQ sauce, it's no wonder people line up to try it. Also to go with their mouth-watering cuisine and their unique and authentic barbequing style, they also have a fast-casual setting created using reclaimed wood for sustainable building, a great atmosphere, quick service, and convenient locations. Surely, there is no doubt that this is an experience that should be on anyone's bucket list.

Rayu Japanese Restaurant

Offer: 2 FOR 1 on bento box

Location: Wasl Vita

In this part of our culinary journey, we explore the cherry blossom-adorned, mouthwatering, and exciting streets of Japan. To a Japanese restaurant, in Wasl Vista Mall that is creating a ripple effect and making waves with its iconic and authentic cuisine. It is where the famous and flavourful flavors of old and new Japan combine to create mouthwatering meals that make every food lover's dreams come true. Welcome to the home of Japanese-inspired cuisine, Rayu Japanese Cuisine. Who said that you must go to Japan to try Authentic Japanese Food? Now iconic Japanese cuisine is closer than you think with Rayu Japanese Restaurant. They serve delicious sushi, yakisoba, seafood rolls, mochi, an iconic dessert, and more from the playbook of Japanese cuisine. Additionally to the superbly crafted cuisine, they also feature games so you can play, eat and chill, as well as a Japanese-style environment that gives you the feeling of a Japanese-style restaurant. Talk about the ultimate Japanese experience.


Offer: 2 FOR 1 on beverages

Location: City Walk

Talk about the ideal ending to the perfect culinary tour, for our final stop brings us to a café designed just for creating memorable moments over some incredible coffee. Home to some of the most brilliant and rich coffee styles and delicious food and vibey atmosphere, making it a definite hotspot for all friends and families. So come, grab a cup of coffee at Locus Café. Hailing in from the streets of Kuwait City, Locus has revolutionized how they make their coffee by giving their twist to commercialized coffee. This passion-fueled establishment sources some of the finest, most premium coffee beans and skillfully roasts them. They select their Coffee beans, making sure that they are 100 % pure single origin Arabica from various regions like Ethiopia, Brazil, Indonesia, Yemen, and more. To go with their coffee, they have delicious treats, an ambient atmosphere, and their “PASSION”, which all come together to create an unforgettable experience that will last a lifetime.

On that note, we have come to the end of another blog. But just like these offers, other amazing offers are waiting for you on the TravellerPass App. So don’t forget to download the app by clicking on the link: -(here) and explore a world of new flavors and new experiences , with TravellerPass.


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