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UAE National Day celebrations done the exciting way

Welcome back to this special edition of the wizard offered by TravellerPass.

As we all know, UAE National Day is just around the corner. People are looking to celebrate this monumental time of the year in an exciting new way. Whether it’s hitting the malls, adventuring across the middle east, or spending time with friends and family, everyone has something to do on this special day. But what if we told you that we have the key ingredients to take your national day celebrations to the next level? That is why we at TravellerPass are here to help you take your national day plans to the next level with some exciting offers across the UAE.

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When we think of celebrations, we think of parties, people, and gifts, and one of the best gifts you can give someone that would even mean a lot is a lovely bouquet of flowers. That’s why our first spot has bloomed into the light by being the premium provider of beautiful floral arrangements and gorgeous flower bouquets for over a decade. A place where whatever the occasion, their evergreen collection of colorful stems, blossoming plants, and fragrant arrangements have warmed hearts across the UAE. Say hello to your very own garden of paradise, Here, it’s all about celebrating the little things in life and cherishing the timeless charm a single flower symbolizes. From birthday flowers to Valentine’s Flowers, handcrafts flower arrangements worth more than a thousand words. They also have a sprawling network of florists that are chock-full of expert green thumbs with an eye for elegance and perfection. They define the flower game with their top quality, innovation, creative artistry, and dependability, making them much more than a flower delivery service. Joyalukkas Offer: - 15% OFF on the total bill Location: - 20 Locations

Since the UAE National Day is a monumental time of the year in the UAE, people look to treat themselves to something exciting and unique. What could be more special and unique than a timeless piece of jewelry. That’s why our next place has shone like a diamond in the sky, expanding into one of the most revered global jewelry brands since 1987. They have served over 10 million customers in 128 showrooms across 11 countries with a highly committed team of 8000 employees personify the group’s unwavering dedication to quality. Here is the world’s favorite jeweler, Joyalukkas. Known to be the masters of jewelry, Joyalukkas has brought forth an exuberant choice of artistic pieces for customers from all walks of life. With the best designers and artisans in store, they have created unique pieces for a global audience that combine meticulous craftsmanship with soulful imagery. From wedding jewelry to daily wear, a nonpareil selection of diamonds, precious stones, gold, and pearl masterpieces. Moments become even more exceptional with handwrought adornments straight from the Joyalukkas.

Artisan Kitchen Offer: - Special Offer Location: - Bab Al Qasr Hotel

It would not be a celebration or a special day without some mouthwatering cuisine to tantalize our taste buds. That's why we have the perfect place in the form of our final spot has constructed world-class dishes that are just a feast for the eyes. A place that offers so much love and flavor through its cuisine, it's almost too good to be true. Say hello to Artisan Kitchen. This legendary restaurant offer's a trip around the world with its lavish buffets and international dining fit for any time of the day. They have large private dining rooms for intimate family gatherings or celebrations, along with their vast spread of international delicacies like freshly baked croissants, oven-cooked Italian pizzas, and more. What more could you ask from an international dining masterclass like this On that note, we have come to the end of another blog. But like these offers, other amazing offers are waiting for you on the TravellerPass App. What are you waiting for, get the app and take a chance and explore top offers across multiple categories and cities.


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