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Unforgettable memories await this UAE National day.

Welcome back to Part two of this national day edition of the wizard of offers by TravellerPass. UAE National Day is just around the corner, and this year's celebrations are bigger and better than before. People are busy making plans, booking vacations, and hitting the malls to see all the unforgettable offers out there, all to celebrate their national day in the best way possible. We want to assist in taking those plans to the next level. Last time, we shared some incredible offers to add to your national day plans, but days like these require offers sure to make your plans even more memorable. Food for thought. Did you know the UAE's resident population consists of more than 200 nationalities? Talk about a small world within a big one. So let the celebrations begin and save like never before this UAE National Day

Plethora Perfume Lounge

Offers: 15% OFF on the total bill

Location: 2 Locations

Sometimes, we tend to enjoy celebrations when we look good, feel good and smell good while doing so and our first spot agrees with us. This oasis houses the most prestigious perfume brands in the world. Everything from the design, merchandising, and customer experience, this is a place that provides luxury lovers with the ultimate environment to enjoy their passion. Here it is, the first-ever perfume temple the middle east has to offer, Plethora Perfume Lounge. The birth-child of Plethora, a high-end beauty products seller, Plethora has committed to the elite quality of various brands selected worldwide. They achieve 100% satisfaction through distinguished, quality, and warm customer service. Talk about a perfume place that is just too good to be true. Old Castello

Offers: 2 FOR 1 on the main course

Location: Jumeirah

Speaking of feel-good, what about some food that tastes so heavenly it’s almost unimaginable? Well, we have just the place for you. Our next spot is a restaurant & café that some say is the best place in Dubai to relax at any time of day and week. A hub for friends to meet up or colleagues to chill at after work and enjoy some of the finest shisha and Jain food in Dubai. Here’s your new spot for either after work or out with a friend’s chill-out vibe, Old Castello. Talk about the perfect place to experience amazing vibes, food, and shisha. Old Castello has been that place for people after long workdays or where friends meet up to eat great food and unwind. With a casual and relaxed atmosphere that goes with their delicious and mouth-watering cuisine like dal makhani, falafel, tikka with rice, and more. Talk about the place to be for those ultimate vibes. Ferns N Petals (

Offers: 20% OFF on the total bill

Location: Online

What can be a better gift for occasions than a lovely bouquet of flowers. That is why our next spot has made it onto this blog. This leading florist offers refreshing solutions to all your flower needs while offering you the best flower bouquets money can buy. A veteran in the global flower online market that has over 25 years of experience with unmatched floral gifting services for all occasional and regular flowers for people across the UAE. Say hello to your online floral paradise, Ferns N Petals ( From flower bouquets to floral arrangements and more, Ferns N Petals is your perfect place for floral gifting that speaks louder than words. Scroll through an endless range of floral possibilities that will fit almost every occasion and relationship online through their website, and learn the ultimate expression of speaking through flowers.

On that note, we have come to the end of another blog. But like these offers, other amazing offers are waiting for you on the TravellerPass App. What are you waiting for, get the app and take a chance and explore top offers across multiple categories and cities.


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